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. . . Creatively to the point

This design is Degani “Urban Chic Cafe”


The palette consists of beautiful terrazzo tile counter, powder coated Deep Ocean Blue steel framing with Velvetina Rockcote wall in terracotta colour

combined with fresh light blue tongue and groove.


The cafe interior design features hanging Deep Blue metal framed shelving suspended from the ceiling with plants in pots, the Shop front with mesh inlays to fulfill the required 60 percent shop-front feature in the design criteria and the design and style is reflected internally to match.


The ceiling has an overhanging bulkhead around the kitchen pass which is lined in VJ paneling with spot lights to create a mood lighting enhancing the overall atmosphere and highlighting the Degani coffee culture logo


The exterior courtyard has movable steel logo signage panels also made from Deep Ocean Blue powder coated steel with boxed plant features

and furniture in various colours to enhance the outdoor dining experience.

Established 1991 •  Boutique Design Studio •  Restaurant designer •  Kiosk designer •  Cafe designer • Bar designer •  Shop designer •  Interiors & Branding