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Marketing Case Study:

Toothpicks Creative Helps Walker's Doughnuts Expand as the Fastest-Growing Doughnut Franchise in Australia


Franchise businesses require a comprehensive approach to succeed in the market. From delivering quality products to designing unique and memorable experiences for customers, franchises must have a cohesive brand identity that resonates with consumers. Toothpicks Creative is a design company that has helped Walker's Doughnuts grow rapidly as the fastest-growing doughnut franchise in Australia. This case study examines how Toothpicks Creative transformed the retail design look of Walker's Doughnuts, resulting in an increase in sales revenue by up to 30%.



Walker's Doughnuts is a nostalgic brand that combines the Golden Age of Americana with a passion for baking. Co-Founders, Owners, and "Head Doughnuteers," Jim and Rose Stoupas, wanted to create a brand that took customers back in time to the 1950s, with dynamite doughnuts, malted milkshakes, and classic hot dogs. They approached Toothpicks Creative in 2019 to help transform their retail design look and increase their sales revenue.



Toothpicks Creative started by designing a retro 1950s kiosk for Walker's Doughnuts, inspired by the '59 Caddy Eldorado. The kiosk design was sweetly curvy and magical, inviting customers to climb aboard and go cruisin' according to Jim. The kiosk design was a huge success and helped increase sales revenue.

Next, Toothpicks Creative designed a Factory Store at Bendigo Market Place, showcasing the baking and decorating process of Walker's Doughnuts. Customers could watch the magic of doughnut making right before their eyes. This concept was a huge success and knocked previous sales figures out of the park. To test the market in a particular shopping centre, Toothpicks Creative designed a Pop-Up kiosk for Walker's Doughnuts. The low-cost, temporary, and lightweight design solution helped the franchise expand into new areas, ensuring it could grow into a permanent kiosk site. To promote the brand at sporting events and festivals, Toothpicks Creative designed a Food Truck for Walker's Doughnuts.
The food truck design helped the franchise increase its presence at new store openings. The latest design created by Toothpicks Creative is a Mini Shop Concept, which is a free-standing Hot Jam Doughnut self-serve display. The Mini Shop Solution is perfect for Service Stations, Sporting Clubs, Coffee Shops, and more.



With the help of Toothpicks Creative, Walker's Doughnuts has rapidly expanded across Melbourne, Sydney, and South East Queensland. The franchise has become the fastest-growing doughnut franchise in Australia. The retail design solutions provided by Toothpicks Creative have contributed to the brand's success, resulting in increased sales revenue of up to 30%.



Toothpicks Creative has helped Walker's Doughnuts expand its franchise business rapidly by offering design and support in retail design, full documentation and specification, tender management, and graphic design support. The success of Walker's Doughnuts is just one example of how Toothpicks Creative can help businesses achieve a cohesive franchise design. With a history of brand success stories, Toothpicks Creative has also provided design support to many franchise brands, such as Boost Juice Bars, Dosa Hut, Zouki, and Bodero.


Choose Toothpicks Creative for your franchise design needs, and see your business grow rapidly, just like Walker's Doughnuts.

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